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6846 EXTRACTION APPARATUS, Liquid-Liquid, Heavier- or Lighter-than-Water 
A liquid-liquid extractor for use with lighter or heavier-than-water extracting solvents. Overflow and boil-up tube uses Ace-Thred Connections, thus allowing easy removal for cleaning to reduce cross contamination among samples. Complete consists of:Extractor Body, (approx.1.3L capacity), Dispersion tube, lighter-than- water and heavier-than-air elbow tubes, PTFE solvent return tube for heavier- and lighter-than-water, Flask, Condenser, two #25 Nylon bushings w/FETFE O-rings, and one #7 Nylon bushing w/FETFE O-ring.

Product Number
Product Description
UM Price
6846-08 45/50 #25 #7 extract body EA 334.83
6846-11 45/50 #25 disp tube adapter EA 341.79
6846-14 Hvy'r h2o 1" elbow tube EA 57.31
6846-15 Lght'r h2o 1" elbow tube EA 58.67
6846-24 Lght'r h2o solvent return EA 4.57
6846-25 Hvy'r h2o solvent return EA 5.20
6846-30 1L #7 #25 round bottom flask EA 120.83
6846-50 H/l-h2o extract apparatus EA 1237.28

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