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Duran Volumetric Glassware

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 Unjacketed Scale Up System

Unjacketed Scale-Up Series

Ace Glass Scale-Up Seriesā„¢ plain bench-top reactor base system includes the essential items needed to begin building a customized reator specifically for your application. Reactors scale-up from 100mL to 6000mL on the bench and their geometry translates into our Kilo Scale reactors. Base systems include a flask, CAPFE o-ring and a stand with supports. Add head, condenser, funnel, etc. to complete your custom reactor.
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 Compact Temperature Controller

Compact Time Proportional Digital Temperature Controller

Compact, lightweight time proportional digital controller for use with type J temperature probes with a male SMP/OST plug. Controller has two 120vac front outlets (1800 watts total from either outlet or in combination) ideal for two circuit heating mantles and one rear alarm outlet. Features include over-temp cutoff, RFI free power and 0.1 degree C accuracy. For PC control & data logging via LoveLinkā„¢ III software, order codes -25 & -26 USB dongle & cat5 patch cable. 6x6x3-1/2in(LxWxH). 120vac 50/60Hz input. One year limited warranty.
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Full color polarizer cabinet for viewing strain patterns in glass and other transparent materials. Consists of a 4 inch deep cabinet with a 10x19 inch illuminated area and 5 inch square viwer. Swivel mount allows cabinet to be locked into any horizontal or vertical position. One year Manufacturer's Warranty, 120v 60Hz.
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 Separatory Funnel

Separatory Funnel

The safest separatory funnel available, our 7247 funnel features a plastic coating, a removable PTFE drip tip and pressure relief rodaviss threaded cap and stopper. Common accidents involving separatory funnels are breaking the glass drip leaving a jagged edge, weakening the vessel integrity by scratching the surface of the glass and spills when the stopper is removed under the pressure caused by agitation of the contents. The features of these funnels lessen the risk of all these accidents.
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Universal Support Stand

Universal open frame stand design allows for maximum clearance and access to the ports on the head. To allow for vessel diversity and future scale up, the frame has been designed to be fitted with 10L to 150L cylindrical jacketed or unjacketed flasks as well as 22L to 50L round bottom flasks. Stands come complete with noted motor mount and flange clamp.
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 Volumetric Glassware

Certified Volumetric Glassware from Duran®

Duran® Class A volumteric flasks are used to precisely measure specified amounts of liquid in conjunction with the preparation and storage of solutions. These Class A flasks are in accordance with DIN and ISO accuracy standards to contain. They are available Batch Certified or Individual Certified.

Clear Batch Certified
Amber Batch Certified
Clear Individual Certified
Amber Individual Certified

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DURAN® YOUTILITY Laboratory Bottle System

DURAN® YOUTILITY Laboratory bottle system. Made from 3.3 borosilicate glass. Features a specially shaped gripping zone on both sides of the bottle to permit easier and safer handling. A predefined labeling area is compatible with the dedicated self-adhesive YOUTILITY bottle labels. Colorful bottle tags can easily and securely be attached around the neck of the bottle for individualized identification. Tags are available in eight different colors; red orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white.
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