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Proprietary Products

Ace Glass Inc. - Proprietory Products

Ace Dynablocs
Ace Trubore®
Ace Instatherm®
Ace Photochemical/Photobiological Ware
Ace Ultrasonic Ware
Ace Adjusta-Chrom® Recycling Columns
Ace Mini-Lab® and Micro/Mini-Lab® Kits
Ace Trubore® Stirrers
Ace Fritted Ware
Ace Flex-Grip® Chuck
Michel-Miller Chromatography Columns
Firestone Glass Apparatus
Ace-Burlitch Inert Atmosphere System


Internally threaded glass fittings that made it possible to mate to fittings made of polymeric and steel materials. The Ace Threds are used in many applications and on glass apparatus we fabricate to facilitate ease of joining and separating various glass components. This invention allowed for scientist to mate glassware without using grease and worrying about mating up glass standard taper joints that frequently locked or “froze-up” on the user.

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Precision Bore tubing which is glass tubing with a very precise I.D. was made by Ace and has been used for various applications including electronic components, Flowmeter/Rotameter tubes and medical devices.

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Instatherm baths and controllers are unique in that the glass vessel is coated with materials for excellent conductivity and heating characteristics. The baths can be used for oil baths and eliminate the need for heat tapes, mantles or immersion coils. Instatherm may also be applied to any glass vessel including condensers, beakers, stopcock bodies, manifolds, reactors and desiccators. The Instatherm product allows for a fast, very precise heating and temperature control, all in a safer method of heating. The baths can also be used on magnetic stirrers while being heated.

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Ace-Photochemical/Photobiological Ware

Ace Photochemical ware was developed through and with various researchers for studies in oxidation, polymerization, decomposition and halogenation. Ace offers a full line of bench-scale, photochemical glassware, equipment, power supplies and lamps for photochemical studies. Ace has developed several, very unique, glass reaction vessels, especially when incorporating the use of Ace-Threds. The photochemical offering also lists photo-oxidation systems. Ace Micro-scale photochemical reaction assembly was developed in conjunction with John Penn and Richard Orr of West Virginia University, Dept of Chemistry, for a low pressure micro-scale system for photochemistry reactions.

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Ace-Ultrasonic Ware

In the 80’s scientists discovered that ultrasound promoted and enhanced certain chemical reactions. Dr. Kenneth Suslick, Professor of Chemistry and Beckman Institute Professor at the University of Illinois, authored several articles on the subject. Ace quickly jumped to the forefront in conjunction with several researchers and coupled Ultrasound with our glassware and made ultrasonic apparatus for their studies. The use of the famous Ace-Threds allowed for us to mate the ultrasonic probes directly to reaction vessels.

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Ace Adjusta-Chrom® Recycling Columns

One of Ace’s innovative products is the Adjusta-Chrom adjustable bed chromatography column. The column which can be used for recycling, ascending or descending separations can be easily adjusted due to the Ace-Thred and the easily adjusted PTFE plunger.

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Ace Mini-Lab® and Micro/Mini-Lab® Kits

Ace Micro/Mini-lab kits were developed by Ace in conjunction with Drs. Dana Mayo, Ronald Pike and Samuel Butcher and their students at Bowdoin College. The kits were the first to reduce the amount of reagents and samples needed for different organic chemistry protocols.

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Ace Trubore® Stirrers

Ace with the use of both Ace inventions; Trubore precision bore tubing and Ace-Threds, pioneered precision stirrer bearings. This innovation brought forth another Ace invention called Ace-Stir-Lube®. The combined technology results in a stirring bearing that is interchangeable, transparent, and has longer bearing life. The bearing can be used with glass or polymeric shafts and with a minimum of lubricant.

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Ace Fritted Ware

A major Ace innovation is the Ace fritted ware with the “only” glass fiber disc manufactured in the world. Ace Glass actually “pulled” glass fiber long before any other glass company. The glass filters fabricated from the fiber give longer life and are more resistant to both chemical and temperature shock. The fiber type filters have superior hardness characteristics and the filters do not “shed” particles like other particle filters. The Ace glass sintered discs come in several sizes and porosities as well as in various assemblies such as gas dispersion tubes and gas bubblers and washing bottles.

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Ace Flex-Grip® Chuck

The Ace nylon chuck was developed to be used with glass stir shafts and has an inner flexible insert that allows for misalignment of the shaft without breakage.

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Michel-Miller Chromotography Columns

Ace Glass developed the glass, high performance — low pressure chromatography columns with Michel and Miller. The columns utilize the famous Ace-Threds and fittings and are easier to assemble and disassemble due to the ease of use of the threads. They also do not require o-rings up to 300PSI.

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Firestone Glass Apparatus

Ace Glass worked with Dr. Raymond Firestone and we offer many of his proprietary and patented glass apparatus products throughout the catalog. See his short path still, rotary evaporator, the Firestone manifold, and his famous valve.

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Ace-Burlitch Inert Atmosphere System

The Burlitch inert atmosphere or no-air system was developed for air sensitive compounds and can be used for no-air protocols or for inert gas atmospheres. The full system gives the user a total package for immediate work and incorporates the famous Ace-Threds and Ace Instatherm heating unit for faster and better analysis.

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Ace Dynablocs

The ACE DynaBloc system is low-cost, and its efficient heating blocks utilize a wide range of standard laboratory glassware. They can be used for stirring and/or heating multiple samples in applications such as digestion, extraction, distillation, and synthesis. The system is easy to set up, allows switching from vials to flasks in seconds, and is also easy to disassemble for cleaning. The configuration of the vial/flask holes allows for optimum heating and mixing in every well.

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