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General Labware Catalog & Technical Guide
Process Scale-Up Systems, Volume 3(Reactors Catalog)

Bottles by Duran
Guide to Experimental Organic Photochemistry*
Large-Scale Rotary Evaporator Replacement Glassware
Pressure Vessels
Protean Fusion
Pumps - Laboratory by KNF
Pumps - Process by KNF
Temperature/Vacuum Controllers
Vacuum Equipment

Single Page Flyers:   Ace-Thred Adapters
Available Products
Bottles - 10mL by Duran
Bottles - Shipping and Storage by Duran
C.A.R.B. Octopus Air Sampling Glassware
Cell Culture Flasks
Cell Culture Long Neck Flasks
Compression Fittings - PTFE
Digital Vacuum and Pressure Gauges
Flush Seal Pinned Valve
Freeze Drying Flasks
Glass Filter Discs
Hi-Vacuum Valves
Jacketed Reactors - 100mL to 6000mL
Jacketed Reactors - 10L to 20L
Jacketed Reactors - 30L to 50L
Jacketed Reactors - 75L to 150L
Lab Spoons / Scoops / Scrapers
Large-Scale Rotavaps by Heidolph
Mechanical Seal Stirrer Bearing
O-Ring Kits
PTFE Reactor
Ready Reactors
RotaVap Flasks
Stirring Motors by Caframo
Stirring Motors by IKA
Suba-Seal Septa
Support Stands - Bench Top
Support Stands - Large Scale
Talboys Stirrers by Troemner
Trubore Precision Glass Tubing
Vacuum Pump Systems by KNF
Volumetric Flasks by Duran

Reference and Charts:   Ace-Thred Reference
Amber Coated Glassware
Corning Cross Reference Chart
Glassware Safety Tips
O-Ring Chart
Periodic Table
Repair Service
*Indicates manufacturer's or technical document not produced by Ace